Why choose a CMS - why adHoc?

Why choose a CMS and why Guppy and adHoc ?

  • These CMS will be developed in French.
  • Bilingual for Guppy with a choice of two languages from a dozen.
  • Multilingual for adHoc, with browser language detection.
  • Both use a flat database, so you don't need to know how to manage a MySQL database.
Zozor se pose des questions

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What are the differences between the two ?

  • Guppy and adHoc both come from the same CMS Phortail, but have developed separately.
  • Guppy is encoded in iso 8859-1 and adHoc in UTF - 8.

Why pass from Guppy to adHoc ?

  • adHoc is supported by high-performance, innovative code.
  • adHoc enables optimisation for search engines (SEO).
  • The legal environment of Guppy has just been modified. New obligations have been added for plugin coders, skinners, translators translators, tutorial writers for Guppy, which has taken the CMS out of the strict framework of the Cecill licence. The legal that now apply to the CMS Guppy form an amalgam which is no longer a recognised licence. And has nothing to do with a licence. Guppy no longer appears to be free software.
  • The options taken a decade ago are obsolete, guppy 4.6 is out of date, as is guppy 5 despite the replatrage and its flashy bodywork !
Zozor vous invite à découvrir le CMS adHoc

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